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IT Infrastructure Optimization

In today's world, most of the business activities depend on the IT Infrastructure. An optimize IT infrastructure leverages organizations to ensures operational effectiveness, reduce cost and enhance productivity. Leveraging IT optimization practices reduces higher OPEX & CAPEX and results in simplified & centrally managed infrastructure.

Infrastructure Optimization

Infrastructure optimization focuses on the overall development of an organization’s IT processes and the specific technologies that the organization adopts. IT Optimization is a structured, systematic process for assessing organizations IT infrastructures across capabilities to provide an optimization road map that achieves dynamic IT. Its goal is to enable you to manage core systems like a service, so you can proactively identify problems, improve reliability and control costs.

Optimization Process

IT Infrastructure typically comprises of servers, desktops, storage, networks and applications. Effective management of these key components is essential for every organization to maintain & improve the quality of service levels, address ever-changing business priorities and simultaneously reduce cost. Optimization is not just a single solution or approach, rather it is a combination of multiple solutions and technologies.

Steps of Optimization
  • Infrastructure Assessment: Assess and analyze existing infrastructure to understand its current state. Consolidate and correlate information to set its desired state.
  • Pragmatic Planning & Desining: Identify the business priorities and establish clear goals. Align process, solutions & technologies to design desired infrastructure and its execution roadmap.
  • Execute Optimization Plan: Implement solutions, consolidate components and automate processs to finalize the infrastructure to its target state.
  • Manage & Monitor: Manage and deliver seamless service to the business. Respond proactively to incidents, problems and changes.
Benefits of Optimization
  • Reduce overall IT costs
  • Improve the productivity of IT staff
  • Gain insight into how the status of IT assets relate to business services
  • Respond with speed and flexibility to changing business needs
  • Optimize service quality by addressing concerns quickly and proactively
  • Make IT a strategic partner in business operations
  • Create a reliable foundation for service delivery

Facilitating an optimized IT infrastructure increases infrastructure utilization, agility, and IT productivity & flexibility. Organization initiatives towards the optimization allows more time to focus on business growth and innovation.

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