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Business Continuity

Organizations are constantly changing their shapes and business models according to internal and external drivers and factors. The types, natures, impacts of threats and risks to the organization are also changing. Today’s business world demands ability to deal with these changes and manage uncertainties.

Business Continuity has now passed the phase of obtaining recognition and acceptance to become a required, accepted, and enterprise-wide program and approach. Business continuity – (BC) is an integrated and enterprise wide process that includes all activities (internal and external to IT) that a business must perform to mitigate the impact of planned and unplanned downtime.

The goal of a business continuity solution is to ensure the "Information Availability" required for conducting vital business operations.

IA (Information availability) can be defined in terms of three parameters:

  • Accessibility ⇒Information should be accessible at right place and to the right user
  • Reliability ⇒Information should be reliable and correct
  • Timeliness ⇒Information must be available whenever required

Our breadth and depth of experience contributes to developing best-practice models for the diverse goals and challenges of customers of all sizes and types, across every major industry. We tailor business continuity and recovery solutions to meet the individual demands of every customer that delivers excellence and certainty.

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